Gone are the days when people thought of email being a thing for elites, now almost every learned individual owns an email account. Whenever we hear ’email marketing’ we rejoice .

We don’t want to bore you with a lot of stories, being in the music business is stressful enough, yeah? NO! But, let’s dive right in, shall we?


The only way to get email addresses is to ask people to give you. The easiest way to do that is ask people to SIGN UP FOR SOMETHING. People love free shit! That’s but the plain truth however blunt that may sound.

We would have said ‘offer them a free song’ but in all honesty, you are not a Davido, WizKid or Falz (by the way, the roll out for Falz’s Sweet Boy was made successful because of email marketing, noticed how he was able to gather emails of people without breaking a sweat? That’s genius!). People will most likely not download your ‘free song’ because you are basically an UPCOMING ARTIST – there is no crime in being one.

What can you offer?

1. Airtime

2. Shopping Vouchers

3. Meal Tickets – A very popular eatery offers full meal for as low as N800 (Jollof/Fried rice, chicken, salad and soft drink).

4. A 10-15 individuals soirée in your living room – this can’t cost you more than N20,000.

There are a lot of things you can offer people for them to give you their emails freely without breaking the bank or exceeding your marketing budget.

Do you need  a marketing plan for your next release? Send us an email.

What tools can I use to gather those emails?

1. You can use a form on your website to collect emails

2. You can use a landing page from MailChimp.

3. We however recommend that a combination of both will work best.

You can get a website from us as low as #10,000 with a .ng extension. Contact us for more.

Mailchimp has a free plan up to 2,000 subscribers and lets you send out 12,000 emails a month and have no limit on their lists.

What will I talk about in my emails?

Now that you have decided on your giveaway and set up your MailChimp or website, what do you send to people who have signed up?

Firstly, fulfil your promise! We’ve seen some artists make promises and don’t fulfil them, this ultimately makes those who signed up uninterested in your mails.

Fulfil the promises and update your lists about the winner(s) so that the trust begings to grow.

Also make it FREE & FAIR. Naija, we hail thee!!!

>> What kind of emails will you send?

>> How often will you send them?

>> What emotions do you want to evoke in your emails?

Some tips about what to actually write about.

  • Behind the Scenes of your latest music video
  • The story behind writing a particular song
  • Your biggest mess up in music
  • Your favorite moments from a tour or event you attended
  • Reaction to a fan moment
  • Sneak Peeks at your latest songs
  • Early access to music and videos from you

Wait o! Na only 10 people dey my fa! Should I still send them an email??

YES! Absoluy!!!

Never leave your subscribers hanging.

Give your new fans a reason to be excited when they open an email from you.

Till next time, KEEP SINGING!

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