Often times when the phrase ‘content development’ is mentioned, individuals assume that we are talking about only blog posts. We have read a lot of articles online about content development and 80% of those articles refer to blogs.

At Rainbow Projects NG, although a blog is a major content, we however, believe that content development cuts across advert copies, video commercials, short skits, audio commercials and their elements. As such, we specialize in all forms of content development – and marketing if you allow us (Smiles).

Rainbow Projects NG Content Development Strategy

Our strategy take into cognizance the four major learning styles:

  • Innovative Learners – Best served by pointing out the benefits
  • Analytic learners – Best served by facts and data
  • Common Sense Learners – Best served by experiential activities
  • Dynamic Learners – Those who rely solely on their intuition

We ensure a proper and thorough integration of these learning styles in four phases – Why, What, How, What if… and ensure that every content drives the consumer to take action.

Types and Destination of Contents

As said earlier in this post, contents can be in written, visual (still graphics), audio visual (video) and audio formats.

These contents can also be categorized by their destinations – Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Medium etc) or Traditional Media (TV, Radio, Print).

Contents having different destinations have best practices that should be applied. For instance, graphic designs meant for Instagram perform better with less text on it while you can afford to post a graphic design with heavy text on Twitter.

Our Work Flow

Our workflow varies from brand to brand depending on specific brand needs.

Working With Rainbow Projects NG?

You can easily begin the journey of working with us by simply requesting a quote for your content needs. We promise you an amazing and fulfilling
experience with us.

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