The chances that you have seen a post on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook with the tag ‘Sponsored’ are 100%. The only reason you will not see a post like that is if you do not use social media AT ALL because there is no AD blocker that can stop those ads from showing – as long as it is not a pop up.

There was a point in time when getting your ads seen by a lot of people could be done only via traditional media but new media has changed the game. You can now place adverts on social media platforms.

A lot of start-up businesses have not been able to maximize their ROI (returns on Investment) after spending thousands to promote their businesses – something is not adding up.

You see, to fully enjoy the benefits of advertising using these platforms you need to have a very good understanding of the word optimization. Ever heard of the term SEO and keywords? These are terms you need to understand before you can effectively run a sponsored advert on social media.

How Does Rainbow Projects NG Come In?

We have made the process of advertising on social media easy for everyone. Our team of professional digital marketers who conduct market research weekly will help you reach your desired audience after they have conducted a competitor research.

Sometimes it’s your images that are not optimized for social media sponsored posts – our team of dedicated graphic designers are on hand to help you design the best graphics for your social posts (for a fee).

Does Rainbow Projects NG Run ads for N200/day?

Yes we do! However, there is a minimum spend and service charge attached to every advert placed. The minimum spend for any type of advert for social media (Facebook and Instagram) is N5,000 (five thousand Nairas) and our service charge depends on Ad spend (amount spent on advert), duration of advert and Negotiation.

You can select the objective of your advert – maybe for brand awareness or to drive sales or even increase your website views or video views.

You also have the ability to select where you want your ads to appear on a users device

What Other Media can your ADs be Placed?

PlatformMinimum Spend (N)Duration
Twitter5,000One Week
LinkedIn10,000One Week
YouTube5,000One Week

Please note that the duration also depends on the type of bidding the ads is set to. These questions will be asked by us before implementing your adverts.

We also offer content development strategies that will help you communicate with your desired audience in a language they understand.

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