What is Talent Management?

In simple terms, talent management is organizing and advancing the career of any person/individual with a talent. Talents may include acting, drawing, singing, or athletics.

The talent manager is responsible for seeking job opportunities for clients and representing such clients’ interests during all contract negotiations.

What Will Rainbow Projects NG do as your Talent Managers?

We will be saddled with the responsibilities of:

  • Setting up meetings with clients or possible employers of your craft.
  • Seeking performance or publicity events.
  • Making travel arrangements
  • Creating advertising and marketing strategies
  • Handling accounting matters
  • Establishing professional relationships with people and organizations

What we will not do as your talent Managers

We will not be obligated in any way to:

  • Fund music recordings/studio sessions
  • Fund talents lifestyle
  • Give any financial advance to talent
  • Fund features or music videos

How will Rainbow Projects NG earn their revenue from Talent?

We are expected to earn a certain percentage from Talents Gross Income from the use of their skills to make income within the creative industry. If the talent earns income from offering a service not related to the creative industry that income will not be calculated as part of talents gross income.

Does Rainbow Projects NG Require Contract Signing?

Yes we do. A contract must be signed before we assume the role of talent manger. Hence, any talent who is in any legal way involved with another agency or talent manager will not be signed by Rainbow Projects NG

How can an individual be signed by Rainbow Projects NG?

You can be scouted offline or seen online by one of our scouts. Otherwise, you can click the button below to fill a form that will help us find you.

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